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China Iron and Steel Corporation Green Development Declaration

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Good quality Military Bailey Bridge for sales
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China Iron and Steel Corporation Green Development Declaration

History has proved that the process of China's continuous economic creation is a process of continuous breakthrough and continuous progress in China's steel industry. Since the founding of New China, especially since the reform and opening up, China's steel industry has achieved remarkable achievements, supported China's economic construction and industrialization process, contributed to the good life of the Chinese people, and influenced the world steel industry with irreplaceable advantages. Development pattern. China's steel has become a well-deserved industrial base, a solid and reliable national defense backbone, an irreplaceable pillar of people's livelihood, and a veritable cornerstone of a big country.

China has built the world's most complete and complete steel industry system, using the world's advanced technology, equipment, processes and technologies, and adopting advanced energy-saving and emission-reduction technologies marked by “three-three-three utilization”, low consumption and low pollution. Breakthrough progress in low-emission green manufacturing. The energy conservation and environmental protection level of the steel industry has entered the world's advanced ranks, and the energy efficiency of a large number of steel enterprises has reached the world's advanced level. Ultra-low emissions are being vigorously promoted in the steel industry. Emissions of wastewater, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides have reached the international leading level, and a large number of steel companies have become clean factories, garden factories and green factories.

History will also prove that the process of building socialist ecological civilization with Chinese characteristics in the new era is the practice process of China's steel industry to build green steel. The new era, new steel, new ideas, China's steel will phoenix nirvana, reborn and reborn, develop green manufacturing, smart manufacturing and quality manufacturing, and strive to become a practitioner of green development, an advocate of green products, a protector of the ecological environment, The founder of the green industry. To this end, we advocate and promise:

The green concept is more determined. Resolutely implement General Xi Jinping's thought on ecological civilization construction, strengthen the concept of green development, operate according to law, take the initiative to fulfill responsibility, and achieve sustainable development of harmonious coexistence between enterprises and society.

Green innovation is more powerful. Aiming at a new generation of clean and efficient recyclable production technology and energy saving and emission reduction technologies, increasing investment in science and technology innovation, focusing on breaking through a number of core, key and difficult technologies, improving and improving green environmental protection standards and technical specifications, and upgrading the company's green manufacturing technology to new height.

Environmental management is more intelligent. Promote environmental risk sources and intelligent monitoring of pollution sources in the steel manufacturing process, intelligent monitoring of air quality and water quality in the plant and factory boundaries, and achieve deep integration of pollution control, environmental monitoring and intelligent manufacturing of steel, intelligent control of environmental protection, and cleaner production of enterprises.

Environmental governance is more effective. It is difficult to overcome difficulties, increase efforts in environmental protection, and achieve ultra-low emissions in an all-round way. Accelerate the organization of shortcomings for organized emission control, effective control of unorganized emissions, source reduction, application of process control technology, and continuous reduction of total emissions, and corporate environmental governance is more effective.

Green steel is more extensive. Develop eco-products based on the concept of full life cycle, develop high-quality, high-strength, long-life, recyclable green steel products, release product environmental statements, announce environmental performance of core products, and promote environmentally-friendly green steel promotion and application.

The green ecology is more complete. Promote resource sharing, industrial symbiosis, technology unification, production synergy, develop circular economy, build a green logistics system, carry out green procurement green marketing, smooth the green ecological chain of steel mills and related industries, and achieve win-win cooperation and green development.

The steel mill city is more harmonious. Steel mills dispose of urban scrap, waste plastics, and urban sewage, and provide heat to urban residents to cool down, solve the difficulties of the city, and worry about the people. Greening and beautifying the plant area and the surrounding community environment, and striving to build an environment-friendly factory, and build the steel plant into a beautiful urban green industrial landscape.

Steel makes lower carbon. Actively respond to the common challenges of global climate change facing humanity and strive to be a pioneer in the construction of ecological civilization. Leading the development of low-carbon technology and low-carbon technology, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, caring for the earth's homeland, and jointly building a green Noah's Ark for the future generations of the future generations.

We solemnly signed and issued the "Declaration on the Green Development of China's Iron and Steel Enterprises" and are willing to accept social and public supervision.

History will prove that green will be the vivid background of the high-quality development of China's steel. China's steel will surely make a harmonious and harmonious blend of industrial civilization and ecological civilization, and harmonious coexistence between man and nature. Achievements, contribute to the steel power for the realization of the "two hundred years" grand blueprint.

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