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Five days one floor, Shanghai's prefabricated buildings "play a new height"

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Good quality Military Bailey Bridge for sales
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Five days one floor, Shanghai's prefabricated buildings "play a new height"

Building a 1000-square-meter building in five days can save 35% of labor and improve work efficiency by 58%... Shanghai builders have "played new heights" in prefabricated buildings. The newly developed "Super High-performance Assembly Structure New System" (PCUS) has been successfully applied to the Shanghai Bailonggang Wastewater Treatment Plant Reconstruction Project, which not only saves transportation costs, labor costs for grouting sleeve materials, but also improves housing strength and quality. Even if it is overloaded with 200 tons of sand, it is as stable as Mount Tai.

The current fashionable assembly building is like a building block. According to architectural experts, if traced back to the source, the prefabricated building can be traced back thousands of years: from the stone building to the wooden structure, the prototype of the prefabricated assembly is hidden. Therefore, “assembly” is the accumulation of human construction technology for many years. Only with the emergence of cement-based epoch-making materials and construction technology innovations derived from cement, on-site pouring has become the mainstream of modern architecture.

It is the ultimate dream of the construction industry to make the house fast and good. The prefabricated building has successfully interpreted the “saving house” – building provinces, labor provinces and maintenance provinces. This has become the consensus of the whole society and has risen to the national strategy. The promotion of Shanghai has been continuously strengthened. The "13th Five-Year Plan for Housing Development in Shanghai" shows that Shanghai will change the housing construction model and comprehensively improve the level of housing green environmental protection and energy conservation. One of the ways to achieve this is to form a relatively complete technical standard system for fabricated residential buildings. By 2020, Shanghai's new residential buildings that meet the prefabricated construction conditions must adopt prefabricated technology to make the prefabrication rate of prefabricated residential buildings reach 40% or more, or the monomer assembly rate can reach more than 60%.

Behind the word "province" of the prefabricated building, there are countless technicians' pains. Ma Yueqiang, deputy chief engineer of Shanghai Jiangong Second Construction Group, said that although the prefabricated building is like building blocks, it is not easy to operate. The key to ensuring safety is the effective connection between prefabricated components. The problem is that the existing connection structure is relatively complicated, and the sleeve grouting management is difficult... These difficulties restrict the development of the fabricated structure to some extent. To this end, in the field of prefabricated buildings, new technological breakthroughs are bound to come.

Modern craftsmen work together to make the component nodes efficient and safe. Shanghai Jiangong Second Construction Group and Shanghai University of Technology, etc., carried out cooperation in production, education and research, focusing on the connection of new prefabricated component nodes, and using a kind of “super high performance concrete” as post-casting material to study the PCUS system. This kind of "ultra-high performance concrete" is called UHPC, which has filled the gap in China's high-strength steel connection technology. It is ideal for using it as a binder. The operation process is also relatively simple - first put the prefabricated beam and column together. Then pour it at the joint to complete the construction quickly. It is estimated that this new system can save 39% of the cost.

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