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How to use Bailey panels in the prefabrication of bridge construction?

Good quality Military Bailey Bridge for sales
Good quality Military Bailey Bridge for sales
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How to use Bailey panels in the prefabrication of bridge construction?
How to use Bailey panels in the prefabrication of bridge construction?

Bailey panels can be used for highway bridges, assembling gantry cranes, guide beams, bridge erecting machines, hanging baskets, etc. Bailey truss combined gantry cranes, assembled gantry frames with assembled highway steel bridge members, and their span and column height can be adjusted to adapt to different work sites, widely used in road, railway, municipal, construction, water conservancy and other construction projects, bridge construction prefabrication yards, lifting and transporting prefabricated components, bridge piers and transporting girders and other on-site construction operations. The Bailey panel is welded by the upper and lower chords, the vertical rod and the diagonal rod. The upper and lower chords have male and female joints at the ends, and the truss joint pin holes are arranged on the joints. The chord of the Bailey piece is composed of two No. 10 channel steels (back to back). On the lower chord, there are several steel panles with round holes, and there are reinforcing chords and double trusses in the upper and lower chords. The bolt holes are connected, and there are four bolt holes for connecting the support frame in the upper chord. The two holes in the middle are used for connecting the double or multi-row trusses with the same joint.

1. The two holes at the ends are for inter-section connection. When multiple rows of belays are used as beams or columns, the joints of the upper and lower Bailey panels must be reinforced with a support frame. On the lower chord, there are four beam plates with a tenon on top to fix the position of the beam on the plane. There are two elliptical holes on the channel steel web at the end of the lower chord for connection. Use against wind levers. The Bailey panel vertical rods are made of 8# I-beam, and a square hole is opened on the side of the lower chord of the vertical rod, which is used for fixing the beam by the beam fixture. The material of the Bailey panel is 16Mn, and each piece weighs 270kg. The "321" steel bridge is a prefabricated highway steel bridge. Its biggest feature is: the components are light, easy to disassemble and assemble, and adapt to five kinds of loads such as the car -20, the crawler-50, and the trailer-80. The bridge deck has a clear width of 3.7m and can be combined into a variety of span-span simple bridges in the range of 9m to 63m. The parameters of Bailey beam are imported and domestically produced. The domestic Bailey beam is made of 16 manganese steel, the pin is made of chrome-manganese-titanium steel, the bolt is made of spring steel, the welding rod is T505X type, the bridge deck and the guard wheel are made of pine. Or fir.

2. The allowable stress of the material is increased by 30% according to the basic stress. When the individual steel rod exceeds the above requirements, it shall not exceed 85% of the yield point. The allowable stress used in the design is as follows: wood material - the bending stress and pressure of the wood grain The stress and bearing stress are 16.2 MPa; the shear stress of the wood grain when bending is 2.7 MPa. The modulus of elasticity E = 98.5 x 105 MPa. The tensile stress, compressive stress and bending stress of the steel material—16 manganese steel is 1.3×210=273 MPa; the shear stress is 1.3×160=208 MPa.

3.30 Cr, Mn and Ti tensile stress, compressive stress and bending stress are 0.85×1300=1105MPa; shear stress is 0.45×1300=585MPa. The existing imported Bailey beam is a product of the 1940s. The yield point strength of the material is 351 MPa, and the allowable stress is considered to be 0.7×351=245 MPa. The allowable stress of the pin can be considered as the domestic pin. In this case, the strength is increased by 33% and the stiffness is increased by 2.3 times. Scope of application Single-lane bridge deck net width 4.2M, combined span 9.14-76.2M, double-lane bridge deck net width 7.4M, combined span 9.14-57.91M.

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