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Large steel structure multi-section curve pushing process fills domestic gap

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Good quality Military Bailey Bridge for sales
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Large steel structure multi-section curve pushing process fills domestic gap

With the successful implementation of the “cranked five-section continuous curve” steel box girder jacking construction process of Hangzhou Jiangdong Bridge (Qiantang Jiangjiu Bridge), it marks a new domestic blank – the multi-section curve pushing process of large steel structure is filled. This construction process is still used for the first time in China.

Located at the northeast corner of Hangzhou City, the Jiangdong Bridge has a total length of 4,332 meters and a total investment of 1.89 billion yuan. It is currently the largest bridge project under construction on the Qiantang River. The second contract section is 1,905 meters long and the bridge section is 1802.7 meters long. The bridge has a unique structure, a multi-bridge, complicated process and high technical difficulty. At the same time, a large number of new processes are applied. The main navigation hole bridge has a unique shape and is a three-span space cable self-anchored suspension bridge, which means “Qianjiang Fanying”. The suspension bridge has a main span of 260 meters. It adopts a single-column bridge tower, a separate steel box stiffening beam, a space cable, and no slings for the side span. This type of suspension bridge has no precedent in China.

The construction feature of the self-anchored suspension bridge is the first beam rear cable, and the steel box beam is generally installed by the jacking method. The most unique feature of the push-pull construction of the Jiangdong Bridge steel box girder is that the steel box girder adopts the “five-segment continuous curve” structure during the installation and erection phase, which makes the jacking process very complicated. This type of jacking construction and system conversion technology for the upper space cable of the suspension bridge is the first in China, and it has been successfully implemented only in the French Miyue Bridge and the Hangzhou Jiangdong Bridge in China.

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