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Say goodbye to traditional architecture. Prefabricated buildings have business opportunities.

Good quality Military Bailey Bridge for sales
Good quality Military Bailey Bridge for sales
good team members always offer budget in time and answer questions with patience, great job!

—— Donald Mcwayne

I am feeling fully respected when taking with Grace and she always gave the best advice. The first batch of the bridge panels got are great too. thanks all.

—— Joseph Alexander

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Say goodbye to traditional architecture. Prefabricated buildings have business opportunities.

As the level of technology continues to advance, the materials people use to build homes are changing at an extremely fast rate. From civil engineering to masonry to reinforced concrete, it is hoped that a way to improve construction efficiency and reduce construction costs will be found, and prefabricated buildings will emerge. And it is indeed a historic breakthrough for the development of industrialization of buildings, bringing more business opportunities to the construction industry.

Subversion of traditional architecture
Compared with traditional cast-in-place reinforced concrete and masonry buildings, the prefabricated building adopts the construction of building components including beams, slabs, columns and external walls. After maintenance and acceptance, it is transported to the site for installation and construction. Construction method. It broke the traditional construction method of “Qin Brick Hanwa” for thousands of years, completely subverting traditional architecture with “standardization” of building components and “industrialization” of construction methods.

The assembled form of the prefabricated building has made many improvements on the basis of traditional architecture, avoiding many shortcomings of traditional architecture, such as long construction period, high labor cost, large amount of dust, noise, sewage, etc. during the construction process. At the same time, the construction speed of the prefabricated building is also relatively fast, which greatly reduces the labor intensity and time of the workers, and facilitates the orderly operation of the crossover work; each process in the building assembly can be inspected with the accuracy of the equipment to ensure the quality of the building construction; The noise is reduced during construction and the material stacking site is reduced, which is conducive to environmental protection. Due to factory production and standard assembly on site, the cost of building construction is reduced, and it is easy to meet the requirements for installation and decoration of indoor equipment. Therefore, it can be said that many advantages of prefabricated buildings are unmatched by traditional buildings.

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