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Three elements to be aware of when installing the chord bolts on the Bailey Bridge

Good quality Military Bailey Bridge for sales
Good quality Military Bailey Bridge for sales
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Three elements to be aware of when installing the chord bolts on the Bailey Bridge
Three elements to be aware of when installing the chord bolts on the Bailey Bridge

When installing the chord bolts on the Bailey Bridge, care must be taken to bury the screw head in the reinforcing chord without obstructing the bridge. Bracket bolts and diagonal bolts quality standards and requirements All pins should be intact, and the safety pin must be installed during installation; the Bailey beam splicing site must be flat, the spacing of the bolster should not be greater than 3m; All must be introduced into the corresponding eyelet of the truss; when the whole piece of Bailey beam is lifted, the lifting point must be calculated to ensure that the Bailey beam does not produce distortion and deformation during the lifting process; the Bailey beam should be reinforced with a chord at the fulcrum. In order to improve the bending resistance of the beam, the anti-shear effect of the truss web can be exerted; the unfinished matters are handled according to relevant regulations. Occupational Health and Safety Precautions Two or more lifting points must be used for lifting the Bailey beam, and the evacuation of the bridge by the special person shall be carried out in the reverse order of the erection. First remove the import and export, then use the jack to jack up the end of the bridge, remove the end post and the bridge seat, put on the rock and roll, and install the guide beam at one end of the bridge; then, pull the truss back slowly with human or mechanical traction. After pulling back, the trusses and other components are removed one by one.


1. The Bailey Bridge truss bolt weighs 3kg and is used to connect the upper and lower trusses. Use it by inserting the bolt from bottom to top into the bolt hole of the double truss and tightening it with a nut. The truss bolt is provided with a bending pad. When the nut is tightened, the bending pad is caught in the chord chord so that the screw does not rotate with the nut.

2. The chord bolt weighs 2kg and is used for connecting the truss and reinforcing the chord. Its structure is the same as that of the truss bolt, only 7cm short. When the site is restricted, it can be removed while pulling back. During the pullback process, due to the weight of the bridge, the rear end of the bridge (ie, the end without the guide beam) will bend slightly downwards, and when the bridge is pushed to the flat roll, it will be hindered and cannot be pulled back.

3. The bridge end must be raised slightly with a jack, or a truss can be lengthened at the end of the bridge, and the lower chord can be installed under the truss, so that the truss can be lifted up and the bridge can smoothly pass through the flat roll. During the withdrawal, attention should be paid to the position of the center of gravity of the bridge structure to prevent the bridge from tipping over to the river; the connecting members such as wind-resistant rods and diagonal braces should not be dismantled too quickly. It is best to remove the truss from the truss by one section to prevent the truss from deforming from the roller when pulling back. Sliding down or the truss loses support and falls. In the last section, the truss and beam clamps of the truss shall be removed after the truss group supports the truss and the beam group.

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